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Meet the Reids


Beekeepers for over 45 years, the Reids ordered their first package of bees from the Sears Roebuck catalog. Their interest was in pollinating their home orchard, and their first teacher was their pastor. The bees did well on their Virginia farm and soon they had a surplus of honey, for which they found a ready market! One hive led to another, and another, and another...

After moving to southern Ohio in 1981, the Reids began emphasizing honey production and developed a regional market for their honey products. Seeing a need for local access to supplies for area beekeepers, they began selling equipment from their farm. As their personal library of bee literature grew, they began selling books as well. When Margaret's "bee decor" got out of hand, they expanded again, selling bee jewelry and other unique bee-related items through the "Bee-tique." When a new source of honey-filled candy was needed, the Reids became product managers, working with Primrose Candy Company.

Besides keeping bees, the Reids raise beef cattle on their farm. Bill used his chemistry degrees as Vice President of Raybo Cemicals in Huntington, West Virginia. Margaret is a retired librarian and teacher. Bill volunteers as a Boy Scout leader, Margaret is a Past President of the Lawrence County Farm Bureau, the Ohio River Bee Society, and was named "Beekeeper of the Year" for 2009 by the Ohio State Beekeepers Association. They are active members of several Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia beekeeping organizations as well as the American Beekeeping Federation and life members of the Eastern Apicultural Society. Margaret and Bill enjoy presenting beekeeping programs to schools, Scouts, 4-H, church, and civic groups and, of course, to beekeeping associations.


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